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Beef prices are rising — and likely will be for the upcoming few years

The beef industry is having a rough year — and consumers are footing some of the bill from the fallout.Why it matters: The ransomware attack on meatpacking giant JBS is the latest hit. But other blows, like droughts, could cause sticker shock to stick around for years.What they’re saying: The issues will “increase beef prices…


50, 100 & 150 Years Ago: June 2021

Social strata of turkeys; moon bombs1921: A very early “infographic” depicts how U.S. railroads were suffering because of a depressed economy characterized by deflation. “Railroads cannot haul freight that does not exist. Credit: Scientific American, Vol. CXXIV, No. 25; June 18, 1921 1971 Social Strata of Turkeys “We made a detailed study of a population of…

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This year’s Summer Games Done Quick unveils Complete charity speedrun schedule

Online-only events start 4th July. This year’s Summer Games Done Quick, which will once again be an online-only event due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, starts in exactly one month’s time, on 4th July, and in preparation, organisers have shared the full charity speedrun schedule.2021 marks the second year running that Summer Games Done Quick is…

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A hundred years on, Biden honors victims of Tulsa Race Massacre

Tulsa, Okla. President Joe Biden led a remembrance Tuesday of one of the nation’s darkest – and long suppressed – moments of racial violence, marking the 100th anniversary of the destruction of a thriving Black community in Tulsa.Mr. Biden helped commemorate the deaths of hundreds of Black people killed by a white mob a century ago, his visit coming amid a national…


This year’s Fortune 500 list shows turmoil in corporate America

No change at the top, but look at what’s going on further down. Read More

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After 24 years of memes and mockery, a cursed Mexican soccer team wins big

There was once a sports team so cursed that its very name became slang for “choke.”The team was Cruz Azul, a professional soccer club based in Mexico City with a flair for losing critical matches in spectacular fashion — including six league finals since 1999. The repeated humiliations spawned a verb — cruzazulear — that…

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100 Years After Tulsa Massacre, Family Still Tormented

My great-grandmother would say that up until 1921, you couldn’t tell the difference between Tulsa and New York City. That’s how well Tulsa’s Black community was thriving in the Greenwood neighborhood. Blacks were self-sufficient, independent and wealth

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Super 8: 10 Years Later, J.J. Abrams Looks Back on His His Love Letter to Spielberg

Marking its 10th anniversary this June, Super 8 was released at a crossroads for writer/director J.J. Abrams. Heck, Lost hadn’t even been off the air for a year. Mega-producer Abrams was just a super-producer (these are industry terms) at the time, and was coming off his hugely successful Star Trek reboot at Paramount after having…

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50 Decades of progress in women’s health

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Debates over women’s health have long been contentious, but have also resulted in significant improvements in areas like equitable access to health care and survivorship. But the overall picture remains far from perfect. For example, the United States still has the highest rate of maternal death among high-income countries, particularly among…

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Commemorating 100 years since the Tulsa race massacre | Pictures

Pictures | Fri May 28, 2021 | 7:52pm EDT Viola Fletcher, 107, the oldest known living survivor of the Tulsa Race Massacre, attends the Black Wall Street Legacy Festival 2021 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, May 28, 2021. America marks the centennial of the 1921 race massacre, when an estimated 300…more Reuters / Friday, May 28, 2021…