World’s first commercial re-programmable satellite blasts into space

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain The world's first commercial fully re-programmable satellite lifted off from French Guiana on Friday on board…

2 days ago

Unbound: Worlds Apart Is Out Now, Bringing Hand-Drawn Puzzle-Platforming To A Switch Near You

Freed from its chains by Kate Gray 6 hours agoAfter five years of work, the gloriously colourful metroidvania Unbound: Worlds…

4 days ago

Watch: New York man hits world’s longest table tennis serve

July 27 (UPI) -- Guinness World Records confirmed a New York man successfully set a record for the longest table…

6 days ago

SORTEDfood: What one of the world’s ‘largest and most engaged food conversations’ tells us about food trends

What started as a group of friends helping each other learn to cook at university (‘we made it simple enough…

6 days ago

The world’s worst conductor could be a game changer in the climate crisis

You probably know that hot tea in a metal cup is far more unpleasant to pick up than hot tea…

7 days ago

World’s only potato-based dairy alternative unveiled

They claim the creation, called DUG, tastes delicious, goes perfectly with hot drinks and is kind to the environment.Veg of…

1 week ago

Can rocky worlds exist between alien gas giants?

Home News Science & Astronomy An artist's depiction of the primary star Cancri 55 and one of its planets, the…

1 week ago

Worlds Best Islands

Sete Cidades, São Miguel Courtesy of Fun Activities Among a certain set of travelers, there’s an understanding that the harder…

2 weeks ago

The man at the center of the world’s largest stablecoin began his career as a plastic surgeon, went by ‘Merlin,’ and once had to pay Microsoft to settle a counterfeiting case

Photo illustration of Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange website Thomson Reuters A report from the Financial Times reveals new details about Giancarlo…

3 weeks ago

The World’s Billionaire Factory Shudders as China Cracks Down

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3 weeks ago