Random Reggie

Random: Reggie Says He’s Got An English Version Of Mother 3, But Still Hasn’t Played It

A playful joke, or something more? by Liam Doolan 20 hours agoLucas as seen in Super Smash Bros Ultimate (2018) (Image: Nintendo Life)Westerners have been crying out for Nintendo to localise the 2006 Game Boy Advance title Mother 3 for many years. While there’s still no sign of an official translation happening, former Nintendo of…

Random Smooth

Random: Smooth McGroove Returns After Long Hiatus With An Acapella New Super Mario Bros..


When the world needed him most by Kate Gray 5 hours agoSmooth McGroove, the long-haired chap who makes intricate acapella video game music covers on YouTube, recently returned to the platform after an almost two-year break for health reasons. After posting an explanation for his long silence a couple of weeks ago (spoilers: kidney problems…

Balan Random

Random: Balan Wonderworld Accused Of Including “Knock-Off” Ghostbusters Song

There’s something strange going on… by Liam Doolan 9 hours agoIt’s been a bumpy launch for Balan Wonderworld – a boss section in the game was identified as being able to potentially trigger epileptic seizures and there’s a suspicious amount of positive user reviews on Metacritic, raising plenty of eyebrows. If all of this wasn’t…

Platinum's Random

Random: Platinum’s Fifth Reveal Is An Apple Arcade Exclusive

Hey, at least we’re getting Sol Cresta by Liam Doolan 3 hours agoWe know, you’re still recovering from the fact Sol Cresta is actually real, but we’ve got a little bit more Platinum news to share. The company’s fifth game announcement has now been revealed as the brand-new action title, World of Demons. Unfortunately, it’s…

Random Story

Random: Story Of Seasons’ Photo Mode Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Bumholes and crotches and legs, oh my by Kate Gray 12 hours agoNintendo LifeStory of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is a pleasant, relaxing little farm simulation game, where players can gently explore a town, raise livestock, and have a lovely old time. Every now and again, though, you’ll have to wait through a loading…

products Random

Just 33 Random Products We Really Love

5. An eight-piece reusable zip top set made from sturdy leak-proof silicone that can be used to store anything. Unlike plastic sandwich bags, these can be thrown in the fridge, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher! BuzzFeed / Maitland The eight-piece set includes three cups, two dishes, and three bags. All items are free of BPA, lead,…

Random Someone

Random: Someone Tracked Down The Background Artwork Featured On The Original Pokémon Cards

Guess where they’re from? by Liam Doolan 6 hours agoIf you thought you knew everything there was to know about the original Pokémon trading cards, perhaps not. Twitter user @FanamelT has supposedly tracked down the source images used in the background artwork of the original series. It seems these images come from Datacraft Sozaijiten, a…

Fan-Made Random

Random: Fan-Made App Helps You Track Down Super Mario Sunshine’s Pesky Blue Coins

‘Appy days by Ryan Craddock 7 hours agoHunting down every single one of these little beasts is a task and a half…While Super Mario Sunshine certainly has its ups and downs, one element of the game that almost always causes a headache or two for new players is its Blue Coins. There are 240 of…

-year-old Random

Random: A 24-Year-Old Samurai Shodown Prototype Has Been Found Under A Tree In California

“I have this board sitting in my office right now that no-one ever knew existed” by Damien McFerran 8 hours ago© SNKA prototype of SNK’s 3D fighter Samurai Shodown 64 has been discovered underneath a collapsed tree in California, Eurogamer reports. Now there’s a headline we didn’t think we’d be writing today. The amazing find…

bursts Random

Why do dogs and cats run around in random bursts of speed?

What prompts this lightning-like energy in pets?