Actors Perform

18 Actors Who Perform Their Own Stunts

You may be paying for the name atop the bill when you sit down to watch an action blockbuster, but more often than not, it’s the stuntmen and women of Hollywood that are making those jaw-dropping car chases, fights and freefalls come to life.But not all the time. Sometimes, the actors themselves put themselves in…

Churches Perform

Find Churches That Perform Same-Sex Marriages With This Site

Photo: Bumble Dee (Shutterstock)The Vatican released a statement this week affirming their support of same-sex relationships, but vowing they will not bless their unions in the Catholic church. The bulletin claims the church will still give its blessing to individuals of the LGBTQ+ community who follow the church’s teaching, but that they stand firm in…

inside Perform

How can an RTX 3080 perform inside an eGPU?

Over the past couple of months I’ve been gaming with an eGPU enclosure that had Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3080 stuffed inside of it. While the limitations of Thunderbolt 3 are well documented, I was curious to see just how limited that monster card would be in such a setup. In the above video you can…

inauguration Perform

JLo to play in inauguration, Lady Gaga will sing the national anthem

Jennifer Lopez will give a musical performance and Lady Gaga will sing the national anthem at President-Elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Perform Researchers

Researchers perform largest-ever supersonic turbulence simulation

Early astronomers painstakingly studied the subtle movements of stars in the night sky to try and determine how our planet moves in relation to other celestial bodies. As technology has increased, so has the understanding of how the universe works and our relative position within it.

Moneybagg Perform

Rick Ross, Moneybagg Yo, And More To Perform For Georgia Runoff Voters

Dominik Bindl/Getty Images Despite the harrowing, end-of-days feeling that often surrounded the 2020 presidential election — what felt to many, and to one candidate in particular, as a battle for the very soul of the United States — New York City exploded with music. On a Manhattan street corner during Election Day, the singer Patti…