The 3 Moves to Make in Every Negotiation: Flinch, Reflect, and Go Silent

There are plenty of standard methodologies and techniques people rely on when it comes to handling negotiations, in everything from haggling over a yard sale purchase all the way up to buying a company. You’ve probably seen the ads for seminars to teach these time-tested techniques.Through my own experience, I’ve come to rely on a…

California moves

California moves closer to decriminalizing psychedelic drugs

SAN DIEGO — California legalized medical marijuana 25 years ago when voters approved an initiative that eventually helped to overturn cannabis prohibition in all but three states today.The legalization movement that brought upmarket marijuana shops to Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco is now focused on psychedelic drugs. A voter initiative to decriminalize magic…

moves Workout

The 30 Best Workout Moves to Build Your Butt

Butt workouts shouldn’t just be relegated to Instagram and TikTok routines. You need strong glutes if you want to lift heavy weights, perform well in just about any sport, and even improve your posture.Focusing on these massive muscles should be a priority that goes beyond what your butt looks like in a tight pair of…

moves Valve

Valve moves Dota 2 International to Romania, adds mask-and-vax rules

Mask up — Valve’s championship is the latest gaming event to implement strict pandemic rules. Steve Haske – Sep 17, 2021 10:12 pm UTC Valve announced this week that its prestigious Dota 2 tournament The International will require all attendees to be fully masked and vaccinated for entry. As noted on the Dota 2 site,…

Congress moves

Congress moves to give $1B to FTC to fund new bureau to protect privacy in tech platform era

September 15, 2021 by Kate Kaye The Federal Trade Commission is closer to establishing a new bureau dedicated to protecting privacy in today’s data economy. A proposal passed by a House committee yesterday would allocate $1 billion to the FTC to staff a new bureau addressing unfair or deceptive practices related to privacy, data security,…


U.S. Moves Toward Ending Steel-Tariff Fight With Offer to EU

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block moves

FDA Moves to Block Some Vape Products, Delays Action on Juul

Sept. 9, 2021 – The FDA has ordered millions of e-cigarette products off the public market while saying it needs more time to review vape products sold by leading retailers like Juul, the country’s largest e-cigarette maker. The agency had a court-ordered deadline of Thursday to review more than 6.5 million applications for approval of…

moves State

Penn State moves up in ESPN’s updated FPI rankings

Penn State moved up a few spots in ESPN’s FPI but is blocked from entering the top 10 by an upcoming opponent

Biden moves

Biden moves to declassify documents about Sept. 11 attacks

National The order requires that declassified documents be released over the next six months. President Joe Biden speaks from the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington on Friday. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh) The Associated Press By ERIC TUCKER, Associated Press September 3, 2021 WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden on Friday directed the…

moves These

Try These Moves to Build a Ripped Inner Chest

Once you’ve progressed beyond the basics on your mission to pack on muscle in the weight room, marking off the various points on your Build-a-Body workout checklist like the chest, arms, back, and legs, you’ll probably begin looking more closely at the various points of your anatomy to fill out the finer details of your…