Could pricing

Could a new pricing model eventually end poverty in coffee & make certain legumes are truly ethically sourced?

According to sustainable coffee roaster Bellwether​, “decades of various interventions and initiatives” designed to uplift farmers have fallen woefully short with the nominal price of coffee remaining close to that of 40 years ago – representing a decline in real terms of almost 67%​ and resulting in 80% of the world’s coffee producers living below…

Daily deals

Daily Deals: Amazon Prime Members Can Earn Free Money With This Deal

This Saturday has brought with it quite the mix of deals, but they all have one thing in common, great savings. Need an air fryer? Best Buy has one discounted by over 50%. A new computer? We’ve got a couple great looking Dell laptops on offer. Games? Then you’ve come to the right place, as…

Clank Ratchet

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart to Feature a 60FPS Ray Tracing Mode at Launch

The Performance and Performance RT Modes will be part of the Day 1 patch.By Adam BankhurstUpdated: 5 Jun 2021 8:13 pmPosted: 5 Jun 2021 8:13 pmRatchet & Clank: Rift Apart’s Day 1 patch will add a Performance RT mode that will allow the game to run at 60FPS with ray tracing enabled.Revealed by Insomniac Games, the…

Exclusive Series

Xbox Series X/S and PC Exclusive The Medium Rated for PS5

The Xbox Series X/S and PC exclusive The Medium has been rated for PS5.As reported by Gematsu, the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has rated The Medium Mature 17+ for Blood, Strong Language, and Violence, and it lists the platforms as Xbox Series and PlayStation 5. Koch Media announced a publishing partnership with The Medium…

collective Guerrilla

Guerrilla Collective 2021 Day 1: Everything Announced and Revealed

The Guerrilla Collective online digital festival is back for its second year and the showcase is set to feature over 80 games from tinyBuild, 505 Games, Innersloth, and more. Produced by The Media Indie Exchange (The MIX), this year’s show takes place today, June 5, and next Saturday, June 12.From Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night…

Exposing hacker

Meet the Hacker Exposing Secrets in PT, Bloodborne, God of War, and More

Lance McDonald put himself through hell while hacking the modern horror classic, P.T. Lisa — the ghostly maiden who haunts the game’s endless, amniotic corridors — is hard-coded to jumpscare the player whenever they clip out of bounds. So, if you clip through the game map or interact with the geometry in an unintended way,…

squid Tardigrades

Tardigrades and Baby Squid Are Being Launched Into Space for Science

Thomas Boothby, University of WyomingIn humanity’s grand tradition of sending stuff to space and seeing what happens, NASA will launch tardigrades (aka water bears) and baby bobtail squid into space to study them. The effects could impact future astronaut space survival. The plan is to put 5,000 tardigrades and 128 glow-in-the-dark baby squid on SpaceX’s…

Goodbye Hello

Goodbye C By GE, Hello Beautiful Cync Smart Home App

SavantLast year, Savant purchased the C By Ge smart home division and announce a new name—Cync. And alongside new cameras, plugs, and smart switches the company promised an app makeover. The new Cync app is here, and it’s inspired by Savant’s well-known designs. If you’ve ever seen a Savant app, from its bespoke high-end smart…

American Huawei

The American Huawei Ban Isn’t Going Away–It’s Expanding

HuaweiAlmost two years ago, the Trump administration issued an executive order banning Chinese telecommunications companies from doing business in the U.S., which ultimately included Huawei and its smartphone business. Now a new administration is in place—and it’s expanding that ban. With the changeover in the Presidental administrations, it was unclear if the Huawei ban would continue.…

McNugget stupid

This Stupid McNugget Looks Like a Character from ‘Among Us’ … and It Sold for $100k

poliznaWe’re only halfway through 2021, yet a disturbing trend is emerging among the nerds and gamers in our society. They’re willing to do anything for collectibles—even pull a gun in a Target parking lot for Pokémon cards. But something even more bone-chilling happened on June 4th … a McNugget shaped like an Among Us character…