After Morning

The Morning After: NASA’s Perseverance rover is creating oxygen Mars

After a relatively quiet few months, all the game movie news came at the same time. No, it’s not another Uncharted delay (that we know of), but a new, reimagined Mortal Kombat movie lands tomorrow. While you can expect violence and gore (of course), according to screenwriter Greg Russo, ensuring the humor of Mortal Kombat’s…

build Microsoft

Microsoft and the UK will construct the world’s’most powerful’ weather supercomputer

The British are taking their obsession with the weather to new heights. Today, the UK announced it is advancing its project to build the world’s most powerful climate and weather supercomputer with the help of Microsoft. The country’s weather service, the Met Office, has struck a multimillion-pound agreement with the tech company on the project,…

Garmin's Smartwatches

Garmin’s Venu 2 smartwatches offer sleep scores and wellness snapshots

Garmin has unveiled the Venu 2 and smaller Venu 2S fitness-oriented smartwatches with a host of extra health features over the original Venu model. Both models now offer sleep scores powered by Firstbeat Analytics, tracking light, deep and REM sleep stages along with movement, pulse Ox2 and breathing. You’ll then get info on how to…

caption Google's

Google’s Live Caption attribute arrives to Chromebooks

Google’s Live Caption feature uses AI to auto-generate onscreen subtitles for any media that plays audio on your device. The tool is designed to help deaf and hard-of-hearing people, but can also be useful in noisy environments. After launching on Android in 2019, Google has gradually expanded the assistive feature across its ecosystem, bringing it…

nudges Revenue

SAP Q1 2021: Revenue nudges up 2 Percent year-on-year, S/4 adoption up 2.5Percent on Previous quarter

SAP has reported first quarter 2021 revenue of €6.35bn, up 2% on the same year-ago quarter. Cloud revenue has increased by 1% year-on-year, and S/4 adoption is up 2.5% on the previous quarter By Brian McKenna, Business Applications Editor Published: 22 Apr 2021 12:45 SAP has reported first quarter 2021 revenue of €6.35bn, up 2%…

Office prepares

Met Office prepares for 1.5 million processor, 60 petaflop supercomputer

Azure, Cray supercomputers and Epyc core are the key ingredients inside weather forecasting service’s latest development to improve data By Cliff Saran, Managing Editor Published: 22 Apr 2021 12:01 The Met Office has signed a deal with Microsoft to build one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers.  The system is built around four quadrants, each…

automation zero-trust

Automation, zero-trust, API-based Safety priorities for EMEA CISOs

Report by FireMon sheds light on buyer behaviour across the EMEA region By Alex Scroxton, Security Editor Published: 22 Apr 2021 11:45 Cyber security leaders across EMEA are prioritising investments in security orchestration automation, zero-trust and API-based security as they attempt to optimise their network security postures as they face up to an ever-expanding threat…

Datacentre Ireland's

Ireland’s datacentre industry launches pro-pollinator Strategy to Improve bee Inhabitants

claireliz – Host In Ireland leads efforts to encourage datacentre operators to help boost biodiversity at their sites by making them more hospitable to bees and other pollinators By Caroline Donnelly, Senior Editor, UK Published: 22 Apr 2021 11:31 Ireland’s datacentre industry is embarking on a concerted biodiversity push to support a country-wide campaign…

About Everything

Everything You Need to Know About Fire Tables

Tacklife/SNAN/FemorFire tables are a great way to add the ambiance and allure of a fire pit to your patio without all the hassle. Not only are they beautiful when lit, but they double as tables for placing down beverages and enjoying company too. When it’s time to clean up the yard and take out spring…

Multiverse Universe

How to Add the Universe, Multiverse and Restricted Repositories in Ubuntu

The Ubuntu operating system can be expanded by installing packages from additional repositories, like the Universe, Multiverse and Restricted repositories. Installing these will allow you to install additional applications. Find out how to do this and more. Additional Repositories in Ubuntu Ubuntu, the popular Linux operating system, comes by default with it’s own Main repository.…