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Colbert Channels ‘Return of the Mack’ to Warn About the Common Cold Returning (Video)

Stephen Colbert kicked off his final show without a live studio audience — sidebar, it’s been 14 months since the pandemic started — with a really fun gag parodying one of the only truly perfect songs every recorded, Mark Morrison’s 1996 classic “Return of the Mack.” The bit was inspired by recent reports that as…

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Colbert Reps That the COVID Vaccines by Being Hilariously Bad at Newer Slang (Video)

During his monologue on Tuesday, Stephen Colbert kicked things off with a lengthy look at the latest COVID vaccine news, and the highlight was easily a gag where he was hilariously inept attempt to use new slang and eventually devolved into slang from when Colbert was in his teens. It came during Colbert’s recurring “The…

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Colbert Gets Kentucky Derby Winning Horse’s Side of Doping Scandal (Video)

On Monday’s “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert kicked off his return after a week off with a fun sketch about the Kentucky Derby doping scandal — and well, let’s just say in the Colbert version of current events that horse definitely, definitely juiced up. So for those of you who don’t get dressed up in…