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Reversing Climate Change by Pulling Carbon Out of the Air

A startup founded by two economists thinks direct air capture of carbon can be made cost-effective

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Climate activist who became symbol of India’s crackdown on dissent granted bail

The founder of a chapter of climate activist Greta Thunberg’s “Fridays for Future” movement was involved in producing an action plan for farmers’ protests.

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Climate impacts induce east-west divide in forest seed generation

Younger, smaller trees that comprise much of North America’s eastern forests have increased their seed production under climate change. But older, larger trees that dominate western forests have been less responsive, a Duke-led study warns. This continental divide could limit western forests’ ability to regenerate following large-scale diebacks linked to rising temperatures and intensifying droughts.…

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Do we need more scary climate change articles? Maybe.

Hope, fear, and the “Greta effect.”

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Tackling climate change may bring North and South Korea closer and help stabilise the area

Green détente options could help South Korea ease the diplomatic tensions in the region.

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How Hot Will Climate Change Make the Earth By the Year 2100?

Our planet gets a little warmer every year. But the extent of global warming is still up to us to decide.

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Most People Aren’t Climate Scientists. We Should Talk About Climate Change Anyway

Most Americans don’t talk about climate change. But many experts think that getting communities involved in climate science is the best path forward.

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More Climate Executive Orders Could Be Coming, McCarthy Says

The former EPA Administrator says the Biden Administration will also work with Congress to advance climate policies — Read more on


Climate change’stranded assets’ could slash Nations’ credit ratings: Fitch

Climate change ‘stranded assets’ could slash countries’ credit ratings: Fitch

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Climate Change Isn’t the Only Fire We Should Be Worried About

Rebecca Gordon If climate change threatens human life as we know it, so does another potential form of “fire”—nuclear weaponry. The post Climate Change Isn’t the Only Fire We Should Be Worried About appeared first on The Nation.