boundary Microsoft

Microsoft EU data boundary dubbed’smoke and mirrors’

Microsoft has committed to storing and processing all of its European Union (EU) customer data within the bloc by creating an “EU Data Boundary”,  but data protection experts have criticised the move as a tacit admission that data is being routinely processed elsewhere. In a blog post announcing the plans, Microsoft president and chief legal…

boundary tweaks

PGA Tour Tweaks Boundary in Players Championship After DeChambeau Comments

Bryson DeChambeau will apparently not be blasting his way over any more water at this week’s Players Championship. The PGA announced Tuesday that the ninth fairway would be out of play on hole No…

boundary Engineering

Engineering the boundary between 2-D and 3-D materials

In recent years, engineers have found ways to modify the properties of some “two- dimensional” materials, which are just one or a few atoms thick, by stacking two layers together and rotating one slightly in relation to the other. This creates what are known as moiré patterns, where tiny shifts in the alignment of atoms…