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Surface Duo two: Everything we know about Microsoft’s next dual-screen phone

In 2020, Microsoft released the Surface Duo, and it didn’t end up being as popular as the company had hoped. Reviewers and early adopters of the device mentioned issues with the software, the cameras, and even performance. One year later, Microsoft is apparently working on a follow-up to the device, code-named Zeta. It is believed…

In 2020, Microsoft introduced the Surface Duo, and it didn’t wind up being as popular as the company had hoped. Reviewers and early adopters of this device mentioned problems with the software, the cameras, and even performance.

One year after, Microsoft is working on a followup to the apparatus, code-named Zeta. It’s believed to address a lot of problems in the first Surface Duo and may be arriving at the end of the season. Following is a look at what we currently know about the apparatus so far.

Price and release date

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Microsoft has largely been quiet about the Surface Duo two, and there isn’t any official word yet on if it can be anticipated. But since Microsoft usually releases fresh Surface hardware in the fall, you can expect Surface Duo 2 around precisely the same time the original Surface Duo released. That would be around late October, just in time for the holiday season. But take that with a nice grain of salt. The pandemic has had an influence on the mobile phone chip business, and a Duo 2 might be postponed because of it.

Microsoft also includes a”flash sale” on the Duo right now, selling it for over half off, indicating a new model could be published soon. If it comes to pricing on the Duo 2, though, we expect Microsoft to keep the same cost range as the first Surface Duo. Many’d said the device was too pricey to begin with, but coming from the Surface array, it will be an expensive venture. You can expect the Duo two to be approximately $1,400.

Specs and functionality

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One of the greatest criticisms of the original Surface Duo was the simple fact that it featured”last year’s” Qualcomm Snapdragon processor under the hood. In addition, it lacked several features like NFC, a rear-facing camera, and wireless charging. A lot of that is expected to change from the Surface Duo 2, according to rumors out of Windows Central.

Surface Duo two could come with all the”latest flagship from 2021.” If this holds up to be authentic, it will probably be that the Snapdragon 888 processor, which are available in other phones such as the Galaxy S21 5G. That usually means the Duo will eventually get 5G support for faster connectivity to the internet. It is going to also pick up service for NFC, allowing for contactless payments at subways, restaurants, and other areas — a feature that’s becoming common to use throughout the pandemic.

You may also expect the same amount of RAM and storage since the first. Those comprised 6GB of RAM and 128GB or 256GB of storage to the initial Duo. A bulge in RAM would be commendable, but it does not appear likely at the moment.

But a jump in the chip won’t be too bad, either. Considering that the Surface Duo has two displays and is about multitasking, a more recent processor might help enhance the responsiveness of the device. Opening apps side by side would be even faster and render you more room to play. Even gaming may observe some boosts, especially since Microsoft has worked to enhance Xbox Game Pass for the Duo, allowing you to use the second screen for a controller.


Jeremy Kaplan/Digital Trends

Rumor has it the Surface Duo 2 may include a better camera, as noticed on an earlier prototype device for its original Duo. There could be a camera bulge on the exterior, which might allow for world-facing photography.

Coming in at 11 megapixels, the camera to the first Duo isn’t necessarily bad, but the functionality at non invasive conditions made it hard to use for a few. The fact that the display had to be turned around every time the camera has been required for a world-facing photo also complicated items. From time to time, the program was buggy, and the camera or the display would not activate.

With a dedicated camera around the back, the Duo 2 could wind up more like a conventional phone, where you are able to use the outside camera to get photos of you around the world rather than based on your own selfie camera for all. This is very important at a time when other phone manufacturers are including double -, triple-, or perhaps quad-camera setups in their devices.


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As far as the software goes, you can anticipate the Duo 2 to ship with Android 11. The original Surface Duo came with Android 10, and, as of writing, still hasn’t gotten the Android 11 upgrade. The reason behind the delay might be the fact that Microsoft is working with Google to tweak Android on the Duo two first. But that is just a rumor.

Android 11 comes with improvements for dual-screen apparatus  and foldables, and thus don’t count it out for the Duo 2.  Additional dual-screen phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 have already gotten Android 11 updates, and Google is already working on beta testing Android 12 on Pixel mobiles. So even when the Duo 2 starts with Android ), then it might nevertheless be a year old. But, Microsoft did state it had been dedicated to three decades of upgrades for the original Duo, so if the phone includes Android 11, then it will eventually get Android 12, also.


Jeremy Kaplan/Digital Trends

Along with the camera changes, the design may get a small tweak on the Duo 2. There might be more rounded corners with larger displays in addition to slimmer bezels. This is”for a more streamlined fit and finish,” according to Windows Central. At Precisely the Same time, the dimensions of the Duo will not change from the source

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