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Smash Summit 11 Recap, Genesis 8 in 2022 featuring Smash 64

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has proven to be a shot in the arm for the series’ competitive scene, but the older titles are still a major part of esports. Ultimate’s ever-increasing roster has made one of the best fighting games, but the charms of Melee continue to pull in some of the top players. This week saw the conclusion of Smash Summit 11, one of the biggest tournaments in Smash Bros. However, alongside a major tournament wrapping up we’ve also had the announcement of a major new event over at Genesis with more Smash bros at the event than ever before. This is everything you might have missed.

Joseph “Mango” Marquez

Smash Summit 11 Recap

Smash Summit 11 has been held over the last week. This event has featured the largest prize pool to date. The tournament ended in a win for Mang0, his first at a Smash Summit. His performances have been improving over time. At Smash Summit 10, he lost out to Zain.

This year, he was competing in the losers’ bracket. He took on Plup and Hungrybox dropping only a single set. This took him forward into the final against Zain. The first two rounds looked like a repeat of the last event, with Zain picking up both. Mang0 turned the game around, however, going on to bear Zain and finally win Smash Summit 11.

Without Zain there isn’t the melee we all see today

I wouldn’t be here playing if I didn’t think some little hot shot fuck could make me the absolute best version of myself

I look forward to the classics we will share

I got atleast a few years in the tank


— Joseph Marquez (@C9Mang0) July 19, 2021

Smash Summit 11 Prize Pool was insane

The most notable part of this win was the prize pool that the winner received. It has seriously stepped up from previous events. This year’s winner earned $46,692 for first place. Even those who came in the fifth brought home $9,300. The player to tie for fifth was Mew2King, who previously won Smash Summit and took home less money for first place.

The growing prize pools for Smash Bros Melee definitely take the action up a notch. It is becoming more and more feasible for Smash Bros players to rely on tournaments for money. Even after Smash Summit 11, there are plenty of events on the horizon right now.

Genesis 8 – Smash Bros Tournaments

The defining tournament series in Super Smash Bros is slated for a 2022 return. Genesis is

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