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Save $200 on the Deebot T8 robot vacuum cleaner with an awesome feature you won’t believe

There are dozens and dozens of popular robot vacuum cleaner models out there — but not all of autonomous vacuums are created equal.
Ecovacs’ Deebot T8 Robot Vacuum & Mop is one of the most impressive models we’ve ever tested.
In addition to powerful suction and all the core features you might want, it also has one awesome feature you won’t find on most rival models: It can vacuum and mop at the same time!
If you’re in search of a new robot vacuum, there are plenty of great options available right now at Amazon. What’s more, you’ll be surprised at how much more affordable autonomous vacuum cleaners are these days than they were even a few short years ago. For example, the SYSPERL V10 robot vacuum is a fine entry-level model that’s on sale right now at Amazon for just $67. 99. That’s right… $68 for a robot vacuum! If you want a great deal on a higher-end model and you’re willing to pick up a renewed model, the $500 Roomba 890 robot vacuum is down to just $229. 99 for a limited time.
Those are both terrific deals, but there’s another bargain you should check out before you jump on either of them.
Simply put, the Deebot T8 Robot Vacuum & Mop by Ecovacs is one of the best and most impressive autonomous vacuum cleaners we have ever tested here at BGR Deals. It really does it all. The T8 has a powerful motor and strong suction, yet it operates much more quietly than comparable models. It also has an advanced laser-based navigation system that allows it to roam your home freely without smacking into things like furniture or objects that have been left out. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had other robot vacuums get stuck on a dog toy.
There are so many great features on this model to get excited about, but there’s one in particular that you’ve likely never seen before on any other robot vacuum model. While dual-mode vacuuming and mopping has become more common these days, the Deebot T8 Robot Vacuum & Mop can vacuum and mop at the same time!
An intelligent navigation system and smart sensors help the T8 instantly differentiate between hard flooring and carpet. In a single pass, it can vacuum the carpeted areas in your home and mop the hard flooring. If you want, you can also use the app to set designated areas where mopping is allowed and disallowed.
This is truly an impressive robot vacuum, but it’s also quite pricey at $650 on Amazon. Thanks to a $100 on-site discount plus another $100 off when you check out with the coupon code ECOVACST8, you can get it today at an all-time low price of just $449. 99. That’s an incredible value! Then, if you really want the best possible experience, you can add on the optional Ecovacs Deebot 2.5L Auto-Empty Station so your T8 will empty itself after it’s done cleaning. You can literally go a month or even longer without thinking about your robot vacuum a single time!
Here are the key details from Amazon’s product page:
Simultaneous vacuuming and mopping in-one-go: Powerful suction with 420ml dustbin and 240ml adjustable water tank. Including OZMO Mopping System allows simultaneous mopping and vacuuming to get your floor gleaming.
Precision TrueMapping dToF laser navigation and multi-floor mapping: With advanced dToF laser navigation, T8 can map your home 4X greater precision than standard laser mapping system, save maps of your multi-floor home and finish clean with more coverage and less chances for missed spots.
Advanced object detection and avoidance: TrueDetect 3D advanced technology enables T8 to move freely around obstacles. It detects the objects such as cables, slippers, and furniture down to the millimeter level avoiding collision giving you uninterrupted cleaning.
Full customization cleaning: DEEBOT T8 robotic vacuum is smarter than ever. Using the app, you can decide when and where it can clean or set up no-go zones like kids’ play areas or puppy bowls.
Compatible with OZMO Pro and auto-empty channel: T8 is upgradable to OZMO Pro, a powerful oscillating cleansing cleaner, and 2.5L Auto-Empty Station that automatically collects dirt and debris out of the T8, supplying you with a truly hands-free experience for 30 days. Both are bought separately.
Carpet detection & boost: Automatically boosts the power when vacuuming carpets and detects and avoids carpeting when cleaning pad is on.

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