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Frozen innovations that blend convenience, nutrition help Group grow even as pandemic wanes

“Frozen has come a long way since tray dinners,”​ pizza rolls and pockets dominated the aisle to include more nutrient-dense options that appeal to natural and organic shoppers, Amanda Hartt, lead market analyst for NEXT Data Insights at New Hope Network, told conference attendees late last month.She explained that a review of natural and organic…


“Frozen has come a long way since tray dinners,”​ pizza pockets and rolls ruled that the aisle to add more nutrient-dense choices that appeal to organic and natural shoppers, Amanda Hartt, direct market analyst for NEXT Data Insights at New Hope Network, told convention attendees late each month.

She explained that a review of natural and organic products which could have shown at Natural Products Expo West and East at 2020, if the pandemic had not forced the events online, show 12% of division innovators are capitalizing on the nutrition-meets-convenience trend where brands incorporate whole foods, fruits and veggies to provide “appropriate macronutrient amounts, vitamins, minerals and other macronutrients for time-crunched, on-the-go lifestyles.”

For example, Hannah Esper, a material producer with New Hope Network, noticed”junk food favorites like buffalo wings and pizza roles are making an appearance once again with better-for-you options in the frozen case,” such as Wholly Veggie Buffalo Cauliflower Wings, Snow Days Organic Pizza Bites, which can be grain-free, and Cool Beans Plant-based Wraps, featuring beans in global tastes, including Tikka Masala.

Likewise, the frozen aisle is composed an assortment of new pasta options which replace traditional wheat with cauliflower — as in the event of both Caulipower Linguine and Taste Republic Cauliflower Gnocchi — or other nutrient-dense foundations, such as Cappello’s Almond Four Ravioli.

These innovations are helping to drive consumer interest, with New Hope NEXT Data Insights discovering 21percent of organic and organic consumers reporting their aim to buy frozen products that combine convenience and nourishment, Hartt said. She added that is well over the 18% typical organic and natural consumer purchase intent score for frozen.

Meal kits and effortless meal alternatives gain traction

Hartt also noted 23% of organic and organic consumers intend to buy frozen meal kits, which taps to this trend of blending convenience and nourishment.

“Meal kits is another trend in this space where innovators are reducing the complexity around preparing a well-balanced home-cooked meal,”​ without have to commit the time and emotional labour of cooking from scratch, which Hartt notes may be a “trade off not worth the effort to many consumers.”

According to NEXT Data, 14% of frozen innovators are rising to meet this demand and producing fresh meal apparel choices.

Alongside frozen meal kits

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