Rather' Would

Would You Rather: Super Bowl Foods Edition

Potato skins or jalapeño poppers? You decide.View Entire Post ›

Wonder Would

Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like to Run a Real-Life Downton Abbey? There’s a Podcast for That

“Yes, you do have to put on your tiara at times, but we’re not floating around with a string of staff hanging onto the tails of our coats. We’re working girls.”

Rather' Would

100’Would You Rather’ Questions That Are Absurdly Hard to Answer

You’re about to get to know someone really, REALLY well.

Bruce Would

Would Bruce Arians retire if Bucs beat Chiefs in Super Bowl LV? ‘Hell no. I’m going for two’

Would Bruce Arians retire if Bucs beat Chiefs in Super Bowl LV? ‘Hell no. I’m going for two’ Leonard Fournette responds to Tom Brady like a son to a father  Yahoo Sports Ranking Tom Brady’s top 10 playoff games – Will Supe…

things Would

27 Things’60s Kids Did That Would Horrify Us Now

It’s a miracle that any of us survived childhood in the 1960s!

Toaster Would

Sith Lord Toaster Would Like to Play You the “Imperial March”

For over three decades, the “Imperial March” has held its place as one of the most recognized and celebrated songs of all time. And now, thanks to Device Orchestra, we can enjoy the iconic theme from Star Wars performed by a toaster, a typewriter, and a pair of electric toothbrushes.Read This Article on Review Geek…

Jerry Would

Jerry Rice Says He Would Take Joe Montana over Tom Brady from the Clutch’Any Day’

Jerry Rice said he’d take former San Francisco 49ers teammate Joe Montana over Tom Brady as his choice for a quarterback to win a game in the clutch. Rice, who won a pair of Super Bowls with Montana leading the Niners offense, said Monday on 95…

Tenet Would

How Long Would It Take for a 747 to Stop, Like in Tenet?

It’s not uncommon for people to email me and ask me questions. If it’s a question about a perpetual motion machine, I probably will just ignore it. But there was one email question that I didn’t ignore. It went something like this—oh, it was from someone at Warner Bros. So clearly, this wasn’t just a…

Percent Would

What Would It Take to Run a City on 100 Percent Clean Energy?

This story originally appeared on Grist and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration.In 2014, Burlington, Vermont, the birthplace of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and the stomping grounds of Senator Bernie Sanders, announced that it had reached an energy milestone. The city of 42,000, which hugs the shore of Lake Champlain, produced enough power…

Earth Would

What Would Earth Look Like to Alien Astronomers?

A new paper asks which exoplanets could find Earth. Such worlds could be targets for SETI searches.