Windows 11’s strict hardware requirements cannot be bypassed, Microsoft admits, “We know it sucks… we will still block you”

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1 day ago

Windows 11 Beta released: How to download and update, and why to wait

Right up against the weekend here in late July, 2021, Microsoft released the first official Beta for Windows 11. This…

2 days ago

The first Windows 11 ‘public’ beta is available to download

Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 a few weeks ago, releasing the first Windows 11 beta for developers right after that. Anyone…

2 days ago

Windows 96


5 days ago

How to get the Windows 11 beta

Make sure your PC meets the minimum hardware specifications for Windows 11, and that you're part of the Windows Insider…

6 days ago

PSA: Some Windows 11 “Installers” Are Malware, Here’s How to Safely Download the New OS

News @andrew_andrew__ Jul 26, 2021, 3:04 pm EDT | 1 min read WindowsThose who want early access to Windows 11…

6 days ago

How to Turn Off Transparency in Windows 11

Windows 11 includes fancy new transparency effects in its windows, taskbar, and some menus. If you don’t like them, it’s…

7 days ago

Beware: Some Windows 11 installers infect your PC with malware

Microsoft surprised fans a few weeks ago with the Windows version we thought we’d never get. After several years of…

1 week ago

Windows 11: Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s next OS

The next generation of Windows is coming. After leaks and rumors, Microsoft finally announced Windows 11 at a dedicated event…

1 week ago

How to use Windows 11 Snap Groups

Windows 11 brings many new features to play with, and one of those is known as Snap Groups. Though you’ve…

1 week ago