An Exit Survey of Trump’s Constitutional Misdeeds

They involved pen-and-phone policymaking of a familiar sort.

3 days ago

Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial Now Has a Start Date

The deal struck Friday delayed the proceeding by two weeks, a move with political advantages for both sides.

3 days ago

Trump’s specter still haunts nearly every significant American sport. Simply ask Tom Brady.

In one way or another, every major American sport was touched by Trump. What they do next will determine the…

3 days ago

Dr. Deborah Birx, Trump’s Covid-19 coordinator, said she contemplated quitting

Dr. Deborah Birx, one of the nation's top coronavirus response coordinators, said Friday she considered quitting under President Donald Trump,…

4 days ago

Trump’s Pardons Included Health Care Execs Behind Massive Frauds

Those walking away free were facing years in prison for crimes of “unbounded greed.”

5 days ago

Trump’s Kids and former staffers to get Secret Service protection at taxpayers’ expense: report

The ex-president's order of Secret Service protection for his adult children and top loyalists will cost millions Advisor to the…

6 days ago

Clarity in Trump’s Wake

Angelo Codevilla, American Greatness January 21, 2021 (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)The United States of America is now a classic oligarchy.…

6 days ago

Trump’s Final Approval Rating Isn’t That Bad: 51 Percent

Despite four years of relentless attacks by the left-wing media and Washington democrats, President Trump is leaving the Whtie House…

6 days ago

Read the Full Text of Donald Trump’s Final Farewell Speech at Joint Base Andrews

"I wish the new administration great luck and great success," said the outgoing president.

7 days ago

Total list of Trump’s last-minute pardons and commuted sentences

The list, made public early Wednesday morning, included his former chief strategist and longtime ally Steve Bannon.

7 days ago