chapter Transition

The Transition: A new chapter for ‘America’s Big Day’

The last time we spoke with Jim Bendat, the author of “Democracy’s Big Day: The Inauguration of Our President, 1789-2013,” we were expecting that things might get a little weird with this year’s inaugural ceremony and that, at a minimum, it would be memorable. That seems quaint now. In the wake of the mob that…

‘It Transition

The Transition:’It was surreal’: A second impeachment, at the time of COVID-19

These days, every day feels historic. But Jan. 13, 2021, is a big one: The House impeached President Donald Trump for a second time, making him the only president to be impeached twice. During a pandemic. That’s new too. With thousands of National Guardsmen stationed inside the Capitol, protecting lawmakers against a repeat of the…

metal Transition

Transition metal’cocktail’ helps Create Brand-new superconductors

IMAGE: Schematic of the CuAl2-type crystal structure of the newly created superconducting Co0.2Ni0.1Cu0.1Rh0.3Ir0.3Zr2 compound, with an HEA-type Tr site…. view more  Credit: Tokyo Metropolitan University Tokyo, Japan – Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University mixed and designed a new, high entropy alloy (HEA) superconductor, using extensive data on simple superconducting substances with a specific crystal structure. HEAs…

Sudan Transition

A Sudan in transition presents first-ever film for Oscars

CAIRO (AP) — Nearly two years after the overthrow of autocrat Omar al-Bashir, Sudan is taking steps to rejoin the international community from which it was long shunned. That includes its film industry.For the first time in its history, Sudan has a submission for the Academy Awards. Produced by a consortium of European and Egyptian…

showdown Transition

The Transition: A showdown over Fed powers stalls deal for COVID-19 help

In this special episode of the Political Theater podcast, we look at a dispute that is threatening the delicate coronavirus relief bill negotiations that are tied to a Friday midnight government funding deadline. The GOP wants to limit Federal Reserve lending programs that would tie the hands of Biden’s administration. Also, we examine what energy…

Biden Transition

Biden transition Group criticizes cooperation from Pentagon

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team expressed frustration Friday with the level of cooperation they’re getting from political appointees at the Department of Defense, saying there has been “an abrupt halt in the already limited…

Gateley Transition

Liz Gateley to Transition to Consultant Role At Spotify

Liz Gateley will transition from her role as a podcast executive at Spotify to a creative consultant with the audio streaming giant next year, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.The veteran television executive, who joined Spotify in 2019 to lead its push to create more original podcasts, will continue to work closely with the company on projects she’s…