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11 Tasty Things You Should Be Doing With Corn

Illustration: Vicky LetaTo say I enjoy eating corn would be to grossly downplay the truth. I love corn, and I eat a lot of it during the summer. I will eat it raw. I will eat it pickled. I will eat it steamed, and grilled, and sautéed. And while there are many corn recipes out…

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20 Healthy and Tasty Family Meals Ideas to Try This Week

It’s 5 p.m., and you’re exhausted. The kids are hungry, but no one knows what they want to eat for dinner. With very little energy, you force yourself into the kitchen and look through every cabinet, hoping for a spark of inspiration. Eventually, you toss a few ingredients together and hope for the best. It…

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Bacteria: a tasty solution to the plastic problem?

The food industry wants to find a solution to the problem of the dramatic rise in the production of throwaway plastics that are failing to be contained, controlled, reused and recycled.According to researchers at the University of Edinburgh, low cost and low intensity technologies to valorise post-consumer plastic waste are urgently required to tackle the plastic…