My FOSS Story (2020)

I’d like to break from my normal tradition of focusing almost strictly on technical content and share a bit of my own personal relationship with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). While everyone is different, my hope is that sharing my perspective will help build understanding, empathy and trust. This is not meant to be…

'remarkable' Story

The remarkable story of Larry Yount

Larry Yount never threw a pitch in the Major Leagues. But he took the mound. Here is his unreal story and the journey after.

Never-Ending Story

The Never-ending Story of Glitter, 20 Years On

How 9/11, MTV, and Y2K-era celebrity culture continue to complicate one of Hollywood’s most notorious flops. Photo: 20th Century Fox In November 2018, one of the more surprising culture stories involved grassroots activism in the form of — what else? — a hashtag: #JusticeforGlitter. The infamous Mariah Carey bomb was 17 years old, and up…

marketers Story

The Story Arc: A Marketer’s Roadmap to Greater Impact

September 1, 2021 Content Because of its ability to draw readers in, storytelling has become a potent format for B2B writers. Just like everyone else, many businesspeople enjoy consuming information in story form versus other formats. Because they come with a beginning, middle and end, stories propel audiences along a path that’s both easy and…

Afghan Story

This is the real story of the Afghan biometric databases abandoned to the Taliban

As the Taliban swept through Afghanistan in mid-August, declaring the end of two decades of war, reports quickly circulated that they had also captured US military biometric devices used to collect data such as iris scans, fingerprints, and facial images. Some feared that the machines, known as HIIDE, could be used to help identify Afghans…

Afghan Story

The story of an Afghan man who fell from the sky

World Fada Mohammad was one of several people who died after clinging to a U.S. military plane as it took off from the Kabul airport. People run alongside a U.S. Air Force C-17 transport plane as it moves down a runway at the international airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, Monday, Aug.16. 2021. AP By Gerry Shih,…

Ehtesab Story

Go read this story about Ehtesab, a crisis alert app giving Afghans on-the-ground news

As conditions in Afghanistan continue to deteriorate and the Taliban gain control of its major cities, it’s been a challenge for its citizens to get accurate information about what’s happening from moment to moment. Rest of World tells the story of Kabul-based startup Ehtesab, which relies on crowdsourced reports from vetted users to track everything…

Garden Story

Garden Story Makes its Legend of Zelda-like Protagonist a Community Hero

It’s been a lovely year for indie top-down Zelda-likes, with recent games like Chicory and Death’s Door offering dramatic yet artistic tonal shifts to a genre that still feels fresh after decades. Just when I thought I might need a break from this particular style of game, my eye was captured by the whimsical GameBoy-esque…

Story Workers

Go read this story of tech workers who secretly work multiple remote jobs

For journalists and others in creative and technical fields, having a side hustle or doing freelance work is extremely common. In addition to a day job an editor, for example, one may write paid-per-piece articles for other publications who aren’t competitors of her primary employer, and typically (ideally) with her employer’s explicit or tacit approval.…

Battlefield Story

Battlefield 2042 might not have a story campaign but it’s getting a short film

And it’s debuting next week. If it’s story you want with your Battlefield 2042 now that Dice has confirmed there won’t be a single-player campaign this time around, your next best thing might very well be arriving in the form of an official short film tie-in set to debut next week.Dice announced the existence of its…