Small Towns

Some small USA towns giving away housing lots


business Small

How to Get a PPP Loan for Your Small Business, Finally

President Biden today announced changes to the COVID-relief business loans program aimed toward the small and minority-owned businesses left out in previous rounds of aid. The changes make it easier to qualify, and includes an exclusive 14-day window for small business owners to apply for loans, starting Wednesday.…Read more…

Black Small

Black Small Businesses You Can Support Through Amazon

Photo Illustration: Scouted/The Daily Beast/AmazonSupporting small businesses is important. Supporting small, Black-owned businesses even more so. Amazon has created an entire hub to showcase Black-owned and operated businesses that use the platform for selling their products and supporting Black voices. We took a look through everything they had to offer and found some of our…

Queries Small

Many Small Queries Are Efficient in SQLite


Protests Small

Little protests mark 10th anniversary of Bahrain uprising

Number of demonstrators was limited compared with previous years due to heavy police presence and COVID restrictions.

Officials Small

City officials at little Iowa town faces series of fees

ARMSTRONG, Iowa (AP) – The mayor, police chief and current and former city clerk of a small Iowa town have been charged with string a felonies and misdemeanors after a multi-year investigation uncovered embezzlement and other abuses, authorities say. The Emmett County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday in a news release …

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As cars get heavier, even modest rate differences issue in an accident

A study on speed and crashes has me pining for lightweight cars.

English Small

English small town government Zoom meeting descends into passive aggressive chaos

“Will you stop talking!” shouts the parish council chairman at the clerk, as she tries to bring order to events. “You have no authority here, Jackie Weaver,” he continues. “No authority at all.”

Small Vacuums

The 10 Best Vacuums for Small Apartments at Every Price Point

These tiny-yet-mighty cleaners are worth the upgrade.

Low-Value Small

PCPs Play a Small Part in Low-Value Care Spending

Expert said a new report is further proof that low-value care is “extremely common, very costly, and provided by primary care providers and specialists alike.” Medscape Medical News