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Is our universe a simulation? ‘A Glitch in the Matrix’ director Rodney Ascher tackles the theory head-on (exclusive)

Home News Entertainment Whether you’d swallow the red pill or the blue pill seen in 1999’s “The Matrix,” the idea of humanity actually living inside an alien-controlled artificial simulation is unsettling at best. Though hardly a new hypothesis debated in fringe science circles and tackled in respected international universities, the notion has been gaining serious traction…

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Tesla AI Day Part 2 – Simulation and Dojo AI Training Exaflop Pod

Home » Artificial intelligence » Tesla AI Day Part 2 – Simulation and Dojo AI Training Exaflop Pod Part 2 of Tesla AI Day. DOJO Training Computer – Exaflop Pod in 11 Cabinets Brian Wang is a Futurist Thought Leader and a popular Science blogger with 1 million readers per month. His blog is…

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Ansys CTO sees simulation accelerating digital twins development

All the sessions from Transform 2021 are available on-demand now. Watch now. Long before there were digital twins or the internet of things, Ansys was making simulation tools to help engineering teams design better products, model the real world, and expand the boundaries of science research. VentureBeat caught up with Ansys CTO Prith Banerjee, who…

Multiphysics simulation

How Multiphysics Simulation Can Analyze Electronics Cooling Problems

The impact of increasingly powerful electronics on our society continues to grow. The significant heat produced by today’s electronics must be dissipated to prevent premature component failure. Engineers that design electronics face significant thermal management challenges, and the number of applications that require thermal management continues to grow. Cellphones, data centers, home electronics, telecommunication, and…

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First 3D simulation of rat’s complete whisker system acts as a tactile ‘camera’

Northwestern University engineers have developed the first full, three-dimensional (3D), dynamic simulation of a rat’s complete whisker system, offering rare, realistic insight into how rats obtain tactile information. Called WHISKiT, the new model incorporates 60 individual whiskers, which are each anatomically, spatially and geometrically correct. The technology could help researchers predict how whiskers activate different…

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Escape room simulation promotes infection control adherence at the temple VA

Arlington, Va., June 28, 2021 – Designed initially for entertainment purposes, escape rooms are proving their value as medical training tools as demonstrated by the Central Texas Veterans Health Care System. Staff there have used the concept for a flu pandemic escape room and is reporting increased staff handwashing and acceptance of flu vaccines as…

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Show HN: Box2D fluid simulation in WebGL and WASM


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Whisker simulation Provides insight into mammals’ sense of touch

Mechanics is key to whisker tactile sensation. When a whisker is deflected, its deformation profile within the follicle determines the activity of different groups of mechanoreceptors. Credit: Yifu Luo and Nadina Zweifel We know your cat’s whiskers are handsome—but you can’t even see the cool part. The base of the whisker, which is responsible for…