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The Simple Difference Between Ballistic Missiles and Cruise Missiles

In 2017, North Korea unexpectedly staged a test launch of what was then a new ballistic missile, the Pukguksong-2. The launch took place when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was on a state visit to the United States. There have been many more test launches of ballistic missiles by North Korea since. Between May and…

advice Simple

Some simple advice for Apple and app developers: It’s not about you

It’s been a rough few weeks for AgileBits, the company that makes password-manager 1Password. It announced that the new version of its Mac app would be built on a new, powerful and consistent code base, ensuring a consistency of product and a faster upgrade pace. Sounds good, right? It certainly did to AgileBits, which clearly…

Overcoming Simple

Simple Tips for Overcoming Procrastination

🕐 Stop looking at the clock, I can tell that you are. Are you rushing to finish something you know you should have started at an earlier time? Well, the question is why didn’t you start at an earlier time, what prevented you from doing that. I think you’re procrastinating a little bit. What is…

Sauces Simple

9 Simple Sauces That Will Transform Any Grilled Meal

10'000 Hours Some grillers will try to argue that if you’re grilling your food correctly, you don’t need any sauce.The natural “sauce” of the grill—the smoke, the flame—is all the flavor you really need, and if you turn to BBQ sauce, hot sauce, or GOD FORBID ketchup, well there’s something wrong with how you’re approaching…

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Just a simple Fistbump . Not all bearded guy are hard to please . So happy !

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Simple Syrup

How to Make Simple Syrup in Less Than a Minute

Photo: Seva_blsv (Shutterstock)Simple syrup is nice to have on hand for the times when you feel like making a cocktail at home—but buying it from the store seems kind of wasteful when it’s nothing more than sugar and water. Making your own syrup on the stovetop has its own drawbacks, though (namely that you have…

Simple Wi-Fi

Slow Wi-FI? This simple router settings tweak might fix it

Try changing your Wi-Fi network channel and bandwidth settings. Greeek / Bortania / Getty Images Today’s Best Tech Deals Picked by PCWorld’s Editors Top Deals On Great Products Picked by Techconnect’s Editors Sometimes a little software adjustment is all it takes to fix your Wi-Fi problems.I realized this much when I bought a brand-new router,…

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Four simple macOS tips that will turn you into a power user

IDG We write lots of complicated how-tos and in-depth buying guides here at Macworld, but sometimes we just want to quickly tell you about our favorite tricks and tips that take mere seconds to use but will save you lots of time and frustration. Shake to find your cursor If you’ve ever lost your mouse…

Ice-V Simple

The Ice-V: a simple, compact RISC-V RV32I implementation in Silice

TL;DR A small CPU design that can come in handy, a detailed code walkthrough, a good place to start learning about both Silice and RISC-V. Please note: The text likely needs more polish, please send feedback! What is this? The Ice-V is a processor that implements the RISC-V RV32I specification. It is simple and compact…

Assessment Simple

Simple Risk Assessment Predicts Post-PCI Ischemic Events

A patient’s risk for ischemic events, but not bleeding, after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) can be predicted simply based on whether they have one or more guideline-based standardized risk criteria, a large-scale real-world analysis suggests. Haoyu Wang, MD, and colleagues showed that having at least one high-risk feature, as outlined in the 2018 European Society…