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30K Macs are infected with ‘Silver Sparrow’ virus and no one knows why

Security researcher Red Canary has discovered a new malware target at Macs running both Intel and M1 chips but there’s a twist: It doesn’t actually do anything.

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Find and Remove the New ‘Silver Sparrow’ macOS Malware

What’s Silver Sparrow? No, it’s not a Game of Thrones character—has that ship sailed?—but rather a new piece of macOS malware that runs on both Intel and M1-based Macs. That makes it the second piece of known malware for the latter, but there’s a silver lining: Researchers discovered the malicious software before it…Read more…

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New malware”Silver Sparrow” is targeting both Intel and M1 Macs

A new piece of malware has been detected on almost 30,000 Macs (so far), and it appears that security types can’t quite pinpoint the malware’s motives. Researchers over at Red Canary, a security operations firm where the malware was first discovered, have named it “Silver Sparrow” (h/t Ars Technica). As of now, it’s been detected…

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Joan Micklin Silver, ‘Hester Street’ and ‘Crossing Delancey’ Director, Dies at 85

Warner Bros/Bobbie Wygant YouTube Joan Micklin Silver, the trailblazing director behind “Hester Street” and “Crossing Delancey,” died on Thursday in Manhattan due to vascular dementia, her daughter Claudia Silver told the New York Times. She was 85. Silver was outspoken about her experiences confronting sexism, misogyny and anti-Semitism within the entertainment industry. “I came of…

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Adam Silver Says NBA Expansion Is’Inevitable,’ Seattle Has’Enormous Support’

Mark J. Terrill/Associated PressThe NBA hasn’t expanded ever since the Charlotte Bobcats first took the court for the 2004-05 season, but league commissioner Adam Silver told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols that expansion is “inevitable” and that “there’s no doubt there’s enormous support” in Seattle for a team.Rachel Nichols @Rachel__NicholsSeattle, perk up your ears – I asked…

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Silver dollar Introduced for Dropped’Teacher in Space’ Christa McAuliffe

Home News Spaceflight Steven McAuliffe (left), a U.S. District Court judge and widower of NASA’s first “Teacher in Space,” together with FIRST founder Dean Kamen unveil the art for the Christa McAuliffe Silver Dollar at the Shepard-McAuliffe Discovery Center in New Hampshire. (Image credit: FIRST)The design of the first U.S. coin to honor a teacher…