estate showdown

A showdown over Property fees May upend the Marketplace

The commission that U.S. home sellers typically pay to realtors is under fire, with the real estate industry accused of antitrust violations and extracting exorbitant fees.Why it matters: Some legal experts predict that an antitrust lawsuit over brokers’ fees…

showdown Superhero

Superhero showdown: Which comic book rumble was the real Battle of the Century?

Hmm, may need more Archie on this list — From the archives: Many comics make the claim, but most of those headlines are lying. Kerry Callen – Jan 1, 2021 2:47 pm UTC Hmm, we’re sensing a trend here…Update, 1/1/21: It’s New Year’s Day, and Ars staff is still enjoying some necessary downtime to prepare…

showdown Transition

The Transition: A showdown over Fed powers stalls deal for COVID-19 help

In this special episode of the Political Theater podcast, we look at a dispute that is threatening the delicate coronavirus relief bill negotiations that are tied to a Friday midnight government funding deadline. The GOP wants to limit Federal Reserve lending programs that would tie the hands of Biden’s administration. Also, we examine what energy…

showdown supper

UK, EU head for Dinner showdown over Brexit trade deal

BRUSSELS (AP) — Leaders of Britain and the European Union will meet Wednesday for a dinner that could pave the way to a post-Brexit trade deal — or tip the two sides toward a chaotic economic rupture at the end…