Comment Response

Response to Comment on “Individual heterozygosity predicts translocation success in threatened desert tortoises”

AbstractHansson et al. argue that our main finding could provide an overly simplistic metric for maximizing genetic rescue. They agree that translocating the most genetically diverse individuals led to a large increase in translocated tortoise survival, but recommend instead moving individuals that have low genetic load and the greatest representation of metapopulation diversity. Their recommendation…

government Response

Government response to National Data Strategy consultation depicts data as’asset, not threat’

Government responds to consultation with a promise of delivery, putting an emphasis on data as an asset, not a threat, and finding respondents keen on levelling up By Brian McKenna, Business Applications Editor Published: 18 May 2021 11:55 The government has responded to its National Data Strategy consultation by putting an emphasis on “data as…

Antiviral Response

Antiviral response: Eosinophils active in immediate defense during influenza A infection

Credit: CC0 Public Domain For the first time in published literature, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital and University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) researchers showed that a variety of white blood cells known as eosinophils modify the respiratory barrier during influenza A (IAV) infection, according to a recent paper in the journal Cells. This research…

Facebook’s Response

Facebook’s response to Saturday’s news of a huge data Flow was so awful

Monday was already shaping up to be a lively news day for tech journalists. That’s when the next episode of Sway, the podcast from The New York Times’ Kara Swisher, will be available to listen to, with the new interview subject being none other than Apple CEO Tim Cook. Swisher on Friday teased via Twitter…

pandemic Response

How has the US pandemic response increased inequality? Look at New York’s nail salons.

Even when covid-19 forced nail salons in New York to close, Araceli continued to work. A nail technician for over a decade, she now found herself making house calls to clients, entering their homes to manicure their nails as the pandemic raged. It was spring of 2020: vaccines had not yet been approved, but she…

Disaster Response

FEMA Says It Will Make Disaster Response More Equitable

The Federal Emergency Management Agency acknowledges that recovery programs have unfairly burdened certain populations — Read more on

COVID- Response

U.S. Covid Response: Good, Bad & Embarrassing

Were Americans too unruly, or did elected officials expect too little of them?