Microsoft predictive

Microsoft will add predictive Scanning to Word in March

Microsoft will add predictive typing, also known as text prediction, to Microsoft Word beginning in March.As Neowin noted, the feature has been added to the Microsoft 365 public roadmap and is due to arrive next month. Microsoft rolled out text predictions for Outlook for the web last November, and is in the process of rolling them…

policing predictive

Predictive policing remains racist–whatever info it uses

It’s no secret that predictive policing tools are racially biased. A number of studies have shown that racist feedback loops can arise if algorithms are trained on police data, such as arrests. But new research shows that training predictive tools in a way meant to lessen bias has little effect. Arrest data biases predictive tools…

predictive rattling

Low rattling: A predictive principle for self-organization in active collectives

Shake, rattle, and help each other alongIn classical statistical mechanics, the deterministic dynamics of a many-body system are replaced by a probabilistic description. Chvykov et al. work toward a similar description for the nonequilibrium self-organization of collectives of active particles. In these systems, continuously input energy drives localized fluctuations, but larger-scale ordering can emerge, such…