Black pastor’s

How Black pastors under 40 are trying to get their peers back into the pews

Empowerment Church in Southfield, Michigan, has a robust 1,000-member, mostly Black congregation. The Rev. Carlyle F. Stewart IV, 26, an associate pastor focused on youth and community outreach, however, says he sees the writing on the wall: His Black peers are abandoning traditional faith communities because they’re not finding solace in churches or meaning in…

pastor’s Tulsa

In Tulsa, a Warrior’s Struggle for reparations and racial justice

Update: Rev. Robert Turner on reparations and healing Loading the player… When our reporters met the Rev. Robert Turner in September, he was deep in the fight for reparations for the victims of the 1921 Tulsa race massacre. Every Wednesday for two years, he’d marched from City Hall to the Historic Vernon African Methodist Episcopal…