partner Waymo

Waymo and JB Hunt Spouse to Deliver autonomous trucks to Texas in new pilot

Waymo will be moving freight for a major customer of transportation logistics company J.B. Hunt Transport Services under what the two companies are calling a “test run” that will take place in one of the country’s busiest trade corridors. Waymo Via, the company’s trucking and cargo transportation service, will transport goods along Interstate 45 between…

Hartree partner

IBM and Hartree Spouse on AI and quantum research

pixtumz88 – Hartree Centre joins IBM’s Digital Accelerator programme to further research into artificial intelligence and quantum computing By Cliff Saran, Managing Editor Published: 04 Jun 2021 9:18 IBM Research and the Hartree Centre have joined forces to build expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing. Called the Hartree National Centre for Digital…

partner Proxymity

Proxymity and SLIB Partner to Deliver First Overseas Connection to Votaccess

Press Release – updated: May 6, 2021 09:00 BST LONDON, May 6, 2021 ( – Proxymity, the leading digital investor communications platform backed by the world’s largest global custodians, and SLIB, the leading-edge software vendor in electronic voting and security services in France, announce their partnership and the connection between proxy voting solution, Proxymity PV,…

Impress partner

The 3 Best Ways To Impress Your Partner

In reality, relationships are not about impressing one another. The foundation of a relationship is built on trust, chemistry, compatibility, and communication. With that being said, it is meaningful to surprise your partner on occasion. When you go the extra mile to impress the person that you love, they will feel valued, cared for, and…

partner Walking

Keep pace: Walking with a partner is great but may slow down you

If you walk with your spouse or partner on a regular basis, you might want to speed up. Or tell them to. A new study by Purdue University nursing, health and kinesiology, and human development and family studies researchers shows that couples often decreased their speed when walking together. Speed further decreased if they were…