UM425QA - Up to Ryzen™ 7 5800H AMD Mobile Processor

2 days ago

The most effective new cellphone roguelikes of 2020

When it comes to subgenres, there are so many of them! Roguelike, or Roguelites as they are sometimes also known,…

3 days ago

First NVIDIA Ampere cellular benchmarks: Up to 18% faster than Turing mobile, but don’t expect Ampere desktop-class functionality News

Exclusive | First NVIDIA Ampere mobile benchmarks: Up to 18% faster than Turing mobile, but don't expect Ampere desktop-class performance…

4 days ago

Rewardify’s cellular games offer cash sweepstakes prizes

Rewardify is bringing the age-old enticements of cash sweepstakes to mobile games. The company is offering prizes of $5 to…

2 weeks ago

The Best New Mobile Digital Board Games of 2020

Board games have been making their way onto digital platforms more and more each year. Whether the board game exists…

2 weeks ago

PUBG Mobile will start accepting sign-ups for the semi-professional PMCO Spring Split from tomorrow

PUBG Mobile has announced that from January 1st, semi-professional esports players will be able to sign up to compete in…

2 weeks ago

Top 5 mobile games of 2020: Jon M’s Selections of the year

The year 2020 proved that bad things come in threes. It's easy to forget after the 12 months we've all…

3 weeks ago

Top 5 Cellular Matches of 2020: Olly’s picks of the year

I’m probably going to have to revoke my Pocket Gamer staff card here, but I didn’t properly get into mobile…

3 weeks ago

Top 5 mobile Matches of 2020: Stephen’s picks of the year

2020 has been another excellent year for mobile games. In fact, there's almost been an overload of games to play…

3 weeks ago

Top 5 mobile Matches of 2020: Dann’s picks of This year

2020 has been a wild year for everybody and that means that it's been a wild year for the mobile…

3 weeks ago