Angry EU appears to restrict vaccine exports as supply deficit strikes slow rollout

The European Union threatened to restrict the export of Covid-19 vaccines made in the bloc amid growing anger at the…

22 hours ago

Rock formation that resembles Cookie Monster could bring $10,000

The inside of this volcanic agate rock looks a lot like a beloved blue Muppet. And it could end up…

3 days ago

Volkswagen looks to claim damages from suppliers over chip shortages -magazine

German car manufacturer Volkswagen is looking into possible claims for damages against its suppliers Bosch and Continental due to a…

3 days ago

Metroid looks Fantastic in Lego — and Can Turn into real if you vote

If you want a Metroid Lego set, you have the power to bring the idea closer to reality. User L-DI-EGO…

6 days ago

Flint looks for justice as ex-governor charged in water crisis

Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has been charged with willful neglect of duty. The Flint water crisis was one of…

2 weeks ago

DC AG Appears at Trump speeches before riot

DC AG looks at Trump speeches before riot

2 weeks ago

Menendez appears to reconstruct Senate Foreign Relations panel’s electricity

As soon as next week, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will pass back into Democratic control and the hands of…

2 weeks ago

Seems like Mass Effect: Legendary Edition starts in March

A couple of online retailers have now listed the upcoming Mass Effect: Legendary Edition for release on 12th March 2021.…

2 weeks ago

Oman looks to borrow $4.2bn in 2021 to cover budget shortfall

Its economy battered by low oil prices and COVID, Oman plans to finance the majority of its budget shortfall in…

4 weeks ago

By looks of scores, the NBA is off to a ‘strange’ start

MIAMI (AP) -- Milwaukee coach Mike Budenholzer offered a simple assessment of some of the scores that he's seen in…

4 weeks ago