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Viewing guide for the Fortnite Season 4 FNCS Finals

Esports Qualified teams, schedule, Twitch Drops, and everything else you need to know about the Fortnite Season 4 FNCS Finals. Published 3 hours agoon October 28, 2020 After three weeks of qualifiers, the Season 4 FNCS Finals are upon us. The qualified teams have been broken into heats and will begin competing Thursday, October 29.…

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Your guide to Shadows in Fortnitemares 2020

The addition of player-controlled Shadows might be the biggest addition to Fortnitemares 2020. For the first time in Fortnite‚Äôs history, players are able to respawn in core game modes. The player base is already split as to whether or not this is a good addition to the game. Whether you like the change or not,…