Ferrari Formula

‘Formula One Is Ferrari’ — Ex-F1 CEO Ecclestone Reveals Enzo Ferrari’s Game-Changing Advice

In discussions that involve going back in time to the early days of F1, Scuderia Ferrari is a name that undoubtedly crops up. The man responsible for the formation of the team was Mr. Enzo Ferrari, who, till date, is widely regarded as an icon of the sport. Mr. Enzo, a racing driver himself, faced……

Ferrari How’s

How’s Ferrari season-long pain highlights 2021 engine activity

But while the extent of the Maranello team’s troubles were evident in pre-season testing, it was actually a Covid-related rule change that sealed its fate for the entire campaign.For as part of the cost saving measures introduced to help F1 survive the pandemic-triggered financial crisis, a series of limitations were imposed on car and power…

Despite Ferrari

Even with Ferrari Backing, Wolff Opens Mercedes’ Doors to Mick Schumacher for Possible F1 Stint

Once the 2021 F1 season gets underway, all eyes will be on Mick Schumacher. The young German with perhaps the most famous surname in F1 will be racing for Haas and will want to make an immediate impression on fans. Sure, at the American team, Mick won’t have a lot of chances to show his……

Ferrari Sainz

Sainz to create Ferrari F1 test debut at Fiorano

After joining Ferrari from McLaren ahead of the 2021 season, Sainz has been working with the team at its Maranello factory in recent weeks, as well as completing some runs in its simulator. Ferrari revealed late last year that it planned to give Sainz a test in one of its older F1 cars over the…

Ferrari Revealed

Revealed: What Ferrari is changing on its engine for F1 2021

Its 2020 campaign was derailed by a combination of a too draggy car being further hampered by an engine that was less powerful than the 2019 version.That performance deficit was the result of a raft of technical directives issued by the FIA ahead of the season to stop teams using clever tricks to get around fuel flow…

Ferrari Speciale

This Ferrari 458 Speciale is a rolling armored safe room

We’ve seen armored vehicles in the past, and typically they are large SUVs, converted vans, or limousines. It’s not common that we see high-end sports cars like this Ferrari 458 Speciale outfitted with armor. Moreover, the company behind the car, AddArmor, claims the car is just as fast as a non-armored model. AddArmor says that…