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Every George Clooney Movie, Ranked

There’s a pretty famous story that George Clooney likes to tell about a dog. In the early 2000s, he’d set up a meet and greet with a rescue he wanted to adopt and was told that the dog had to love him or the shelter would take him back. Clooney, scared the dog wouldn’t love…

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Each Alien Artifact Place in Fortnite Season 7

Guides The new Kymera skin can only be customized using a special material, and here are all of the Fortnite Alien Artifact locations in Fortnite. Published 2 mins agoon June 9, 2021 The Kymera skin is a highly customizable outfit in the Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass, but it requires Alien Artifacts to unlock its…

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Every new weapon at Fortnite Season 7

Guides There are a lot of new weapons in Fortnite Season 7! Here’s every futuristic weapon players can find during the new season! Published 1 hour agoon June 8, 2021 Aliens are invading Fortnite, and players can get their hands on some of their high-tech weaponry. Here’s all of the new weapons in Fortnite Season…

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Every day that you live, you impact the planet | Jane Goodall

Legendary primatologist Jane Goodall says that humanity’s survival depends on conservation of the natural world. In conversation with head of TED Chris Anderson, she tells the story of her formative days working with chimpanzees, how she transformed from a revered naturalist into a dedicated activist and how she’s empowering communities around the world to save…

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A Tool Doctors Use Every Day Can Perpetuate Medical Racism

COVID-19 exacerbated various preexisting racial health disparities, which ushered in a racial reckoning in the medical field. As a result, many medical institutions attempted to implement meaningful changes to dismantle systemic racism within their teaching and clinical environments. Yet, a tool used daily by almost every physician, the history of present illness (HPI), may still…

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The Keto Diet and Running Every Day Helped This Man Lose 210 Pounds

Johnny Zolton had always struggled with his weight, but things took a drastic turn when he lost his mother at the age of 15. “I quit playing all my sports in school and resorted to playing video games and eating junk food,” he says. His inactive lifestyle and unhealthy diet led to continual weight gain,…

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Where Every Dog Has its Day

Photography by Canine Camp Getaway If you’re a dog owner, then you’ve probably experienced a quandary about taking vacations. Janice Costa, founder of Canine Camp Getaway, discusses why her Lake George, New York, retreat is the ultimate solution for you and your four-legged friend. Tell us about your love of dogs: I’ve had dogs my…

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Fortnite Wild Week 4: Every discounted item price & location

Events Here is every discounted item’s new price and location during Fortnite Wild Week 4! Spend your gold before the season ends! Published 28 mins agoon June 3, 2021 Fortnite Wild Week 4 has started, and it focuses on discounting the price of NPC items. Here’s every item’s new price and where they can be…

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Every major video game delay that’s happened in 2021 already

As we get deeper into 2021, a harsh reality is setting in for gamers: Major delays are rampant. In our 2021 predictions, we noted that this was a very real possibility due to the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. While some of 2020’s releases got shuffled around, those games were largely near the end…

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Predicting Every NFL Team’s 2021 Surprise Rookie Gem

When it comes to the NFL draft, first-round picks tend to get the majority of the attention—at least up until the regular season. Once the season gets underway, however, draft status is far less important than how players perform on the field…