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Cygnus X-1 includes a 21-solar mass black hole–Implications for massive star winds

The evolution of massive stars is influenced by the mass lost to stellar winds over their lifetimes. These winds limit the masses of the stellar remnants (such as black holes) that the stars ultimately produce. We used radio astrometry to refine the distance to the black hole x-ray binary Cygnus X-1, which we found to…

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Cygnus cargo boat honoring’Hidden Figure’ Katherine Johnson arrives at space station

Worms, an advanced supercomputer, an artificial retina experiment and more arrived at the International Space Station on a Cygnus cargo ship Monday.

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Cygnus capsule dubbed S.S. Katherine Johnson heads to the ISS

Another cargo ship is headed to the ISS after launching from Virginia on Saturday. The Cygnus cargo spacecraft was named the S.S. Katherine Johnson after the black mathematician featured prominently in the movie “Hidden Figures.” The capsule is due to arrive at the ISS on Monday, delivering about 8000 pounds of supplies, vehicle hardware, and…