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First Look: MTV Cribs Is Inviting Viewers To ‘Come On In’

This is the “biggest version ever” of MTV Cribs. In the first look at the new era of the iconic franchise, premiering on August 11, celebrities are inviting viewers to take an exclusive tour of their homes. It’s time to “come on in!” — nearly 20 years after the pop culture phenomenon debuted. “Cribs, what…

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MTV Is Bringing Cribs Back From the Dead

What the MTV VMAs Looked Like 10 Years AgoWelcome (back) to my crib.  MTV is officially reviving the beloved, iconic, era-defining show Cribs, in which celebrities give tours of their over-the-top homes. It’s like Architectural Digest’s home tours, but sillier. Cara Delevingne may have a vagina tunnel, but does she have nocturnal fish and an entire closet…

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Cribs Is Coming Back To MTV

Ding dong: Cribs is at the door! MTV today announced that its seminal series Cribs will make its return on Wednesday, August 11 more than 20 years since its debut. The pop culture phenomenon that revolutionized the celebrity home tour genre will invite viewers for a peek into the every day – and unexpected –…