Community finding

Finding Community Through Our Dogs in the Darkest Days of the Pandemic

Angela Ards A dog story, in which humans paw their way from isolation to something like community. The post Finding Community Through Our Dogs in the Darkest Days of the Pandemic appeared first on The Nation.

Community devastated

Meth has devastated the gay community for decades. A new treatment offers hope.

The promising medication-based treatment comes as meth’s use is surging in the general population and dangerously merging with the opioid crisis.

Community enrollment

Registration at US community colleges plummets amid pandemic

Community college students are finding it harder than ever to juggle school, financial needs, and family responsibilities.

chief Community

Chief community officer is that the new CMO

Community isn’t a single Slack group or event or newsletter. It’s an aggregation of all of these touch points, and includes both customers, eventual customers and one-time users. Despite this nebulous, disconnected reality, companies are paying more attention to various channels as remote work and digital communication powers our days. My recent tweet underscored the…

Community Scientific

Scientific community on account of a peculiar chemical at Venus: Probably not

Researchers behind the initial claim also revise it but say it’s still valid.

Community These

All these Food Delivery Apps Are Built for the Community by the Community

And they want to change the food delivery industry.

Community Science

NASA Science to Host Community Town Hall

NASA’s Science Mission Directorate will hold a community town hall meeting with Thomas Zurbuchen, the agency’s associate administrator for science, at 2 p.m. EST Monday, Jan. 25.

Community voting

Community GOTY 2020: Voting Begins!

by Matt Rorie on January 8, 2021Hey! Wow! Community GOTY voting begins now! Remember this game from 2019? Wow!2020: It had games! It’s time to vote on your favorites! You can do so via this form, or you can read on for more information!If you’re curious to revisit the days of yore, have a link…

Community Spotlight

The Community Spotlight 2021.01.02

Credit to Giant Bomb user bananabreathHello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight as well as the year, 2021! At this point, I feel as if you’ve heard the same piece about 2020 being a shit show of a year and that we should be grateful that we were able…

assembly Community

Community assembly trajectory of invertebrates in deadwood: Convergence after divergence

Non-metric MDS plots of fauna communities in logs showing convergence of community composition through the decomposition years (indicated above the panels) at F site (black) and S site (grey) at major clade level. Points are the tree species with abbreviations. Credit: ZUO Juan Natural forests contain a large amount of deadwood, which is a key…