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10 of the Cleverest Ways to Clean Your House, According to TikTok

Photo: M_Agency (Shutterstock)Housekeepers and pro cleaners know the best tricks when it comes to cleaning hard-to-reach places, and sometimes they use platforms like TikTok to help the rest of us. But the best hacks get mixed in with a lot of bad ones that don’t actually work, so we sorted through and found some of…

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The Cleverest Ways You Should Be Reusing Your Shower Curtain Liner

Photo: Mar Avila Verdaguer (Shutterstock)Shower curtain liners are one of those things that may appear to be pointless, but actually serve an important function: In this case, it’s the interior piece of material that stays in the tub while you shower and helps prevent water from escaping and turning your bathroom into a soggy mess.…