buying HyperX

HP is buying HyperX to improve its gaming accessory firm

HP hasn't made a gaming-focused acquisition since Voodoo, but it's clearly ready to branch out. The company has reached a deal to buy Kingston-owned HyperX for $425 million. The move ideally boosts HP's PC division by giving it a wide sel…

buying Cryptominers

Cryptominers bulk buying RTX 3000 laptops in China to mine Ethereum

With the supply of RTX 3000 series desktop graphics cards hard to find and cryptocurrency prices rising, even RTX laptops are being pressed into mining Ethereum

buying Panama

Panama says purchasing vaccines for at least 80 percent of its inhabitants

Panama has sought to acquire more than 8 million coronavirus vaccine doses to inoculate about 80% of the Central American nation’s residents, Health Minister Luis Sucre said on Sunday.

buying Everyone

Everyone Is Buying Mirrors Right Now–But Why?

At a time when our reflections are arguably less important than ever, mirrors sales are seeing an ironic spike.

buying restocks

PS5 restocks: What you need to know about buying a console at Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop, Amazon, Target and more

The Sony PlayStation 5 has been out of stock more or less constantly for three months. Here’s when to expect more inventory at major retailers.

buying People

People buying SUVs are cancelling out climate gains from Electrical cars

Global carbon dioxide emissions from cars are growing because higher numbers of SUVs are cancelling out the reduction due to higher numbers of electric cars

buying Patterns

While Buying Patterns are Disrupted, Ramp Up Social Selling

In my previous blog on social selling, I mentioned how it’s important for sellers to be where their buyers are in order to gain understanding and familiarize buyers with their […] The post When Buying Patterns are Disrupted, Ramp Up Social Selling appeared first on TechTarget.

buying Qualcomm

Qualcomm buying server chip startup Nuvia for $1.4 billion

Qualcomm said Wednesday it will pay $1.4 billion to buy Nuvia, a chip startup founded by former Apple employees.Why it matters: The move gives Qualcomm fresh ideas for chip designs as the company faces intense competition from Intel, AMD and others.Between th…

buying confirms

Roku Affirms it Is Purchasing Quibi’s shows

A deal like this makes sense, at least. Roku gets access to a slew of ready-made videos featuring major stars like Rachel Brosnahan, Chrissy Teigen and Liam Hemsworth. You may not buy a Roku player or TV with Quibi in mind, but it’ll give you a reason to check out the Roku Channel — helpful…

buying regret

I regret Purchasing the Switch Lite and you Likely will, too

I’m a Nintendo Switch Lite owner and I have buyer’s remorse. It’s not that the Switch isn’t a great console, because it absolutely is. In fact, the console is so much better than I’d anticipated that I can’t ignore everything I’m missing out on. I love the Switch but I regret buying the Lite, and…