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Tony Shalhoub Answers Every Question We Have About Spy Kids

Photo-Illustration: by Vulture; Photo by Dimension Films In an anniversary that screams “Wanna feel old?,” last week marked 20 years since the release of Spy Kids, Robert Rodriguez’s candy-colored YA adventure film that made a generation of children wish Antonio Banderas was their dad. The movie was groundbreaking for its portrayal of a Latinx secret-agent…

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Yahoo Answers is shutting down

Yahoo Answers will shut down for good on May 4. Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images By Matt Binder2021-04-05 21:57:10 UTC Say “goodbye” to one of the internet’s favorite dinosaurs. Yahoo announced today that its’ social Q&A platform, Yahoo Answers, will shut down on May 4. In addition to the shut down, users will no longer be…

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Smart Answers to Every Question About Your Psoriasis

We’re obviously not going to say it’s the worst part of having psoriasis, but regularly fielding other people’s awkward questions about your skin condition can get more than a little old. (“Is psoriasis contagious?” Grrrr. Also, no.) Sure, those inquiries usually come from a good place—or at least a genuinely curious one—but sometimes they’re just…

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Brandy Answers Every Question We Have About Cinderella

On singing with Whitney Houston, the fate of the movie’s soundtrack, and building up impossible hopes for Black girls everywhere.

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What would life on Mars be like? Looking for answers in my family’s immigrant past

After a nine-year hiatus, our race to space has been reinvigorated. SpaceX has successfully sent NASA astronauts to the International Space Station. And for the first time, the United States officially has a Space Force. Will the next stop be Mars? Colonizing the red planet has always been a staple in science fiction. Many sci-fi…