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Here Would Be the best Kindle deals right now

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge When it comes to finding a device to use to read your ebooks, you have a few options to choose from. You can always buy a tablet or simply use your smartphone, but those devices are multipurpose and can be used for a ton of things, like…

Reports reveal

Two new reports reveal the depths of Stadia’s struggles

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge Two new reports from Bloomberg and Wired have shed light on some of Google’s failures in building its Stadia cloud gaming service. The reports come just a few weeks after Google announced it would be shutting down its in-house Stadia game development studios. One key issue, according…

disabilities Texans

Texans with disabilities left Exposed after deep freeze

Volunteers with the Living Hope Wheelchair Association distributed water and supplies to people after Texas’ deep freeze. | Image: Living Hope Wheelchair Association Disaster response plans often fail to include people with disabilities, and the deadly deep freeze that swept across Texas and much of the mainland US last week was no exception. “A lot…

Import passwords

The Way to import your passwords to Apple’s iCloud Keychain via Safari

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge If you’re moving from LastPass (or another password manager you’re dissatisfied with), you may be tempted to simply go with the password manager that comes with your browser or operating system. It’s certainly an easy solution, and a reasonable one, depending on your point of view. Until recently,…

completely Fisker

Fisker Inc. has ‘completely dropped’ solid-state batteries

Henrik Fisker has abandoned his electric vehicle startup’s effort to create a solid-state battery, the Fisker Inc. founder told The Verge in a recent interview. “It’s the kind of technology where, when you feel like you’re 90 percent there, you’re almost there, until you realize the last 10 percent is much more difficult than the…

Safety Spotlight

Yelp puts trust and safety in the spotlight

Yelp released its very first trust and safety report this week, with the goal of explaining the work that it does to crack down on fraudulent and otherwise inaccurate or unhelpful content. With focus on local business reviews and information, you might think Yelp would be relatively free of the types of misinformation that other…

“Best Broaden

Broaden your perspective of’best’ to create brighter, more inclusive investments

Research shows that diverse teams, companies and founders pay, so why are all of the VC home runs from white men, or Asian men in Asia, plus a few Asian men in the U.S.?

Facebook launches

Facebook launches BARS, a TikTok-like program for creating and sharing raps

Facebook’s internal R&D group, NPE Team, is today launching its next experimental app, called BARS. The app makes it possible for rappers to create and share their raps using professionally created beats, and is the NPE Team’s second launch in the music space following its recent public debut of music video app Collab. While Collab…

freemium Marketing

In freemium marketing, product analytics are the difference between conversion and confusion

Considering that fewer than 5% of free users move to paid plans, even a slight improvement in conversion can translate to significant revenue gains.

Lightspeed Sources

Sources: Lightspeed is close to hiring a new London-based partner to put down further roots in Europe

Lightspeed Venture Partners, the well-known Silicon Valley venture capital firm that has backed the likes of DoubleClick and Snapchat, is in the midst of hiring a second London-based investment partner as it looks to put down further roots in Europe, TechCrunch has learned. According to multiple sources, Paul Murphy, whose investments include Tier, Hopin, Klang…