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8 quirks to know about the Samsung Galaxy S21 before you preorder

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 can be easily its best flagship deal in years, with the most recent flagship Snapdragon processor, a potent triple-camera array, and a superior look and texture. But if you are thinking it’s just an updated version of the S20 or a smaller variant of the new Galaxy S21+, then there are a Couple of things you Want to know before you plunk down $800 into preorder.The display resolution is Full HD+ 1080de
Galaxy S buyers are utilized to getting the very best displays around. The Galaxy S20 brought a 6.2-inch Quad HD+ 3200×1440 Infinity-O Edge display using a pixel density of 563ppi and a 120Hz refresh rate. While the size is the same, you’re not getting all that with the new Galaxy S21. Instead, you are getting a horizontal Full HD+ 2400×1080 Infinity-O screen using a 421ppi pixel density along with an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. That’s still an Superb display, of course, but it’s definitely a step down from what Galaxy S buyers are used to getting.To read this article in full, please see here
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