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55 Resistance Band Moves You Can Do at Home

Resistance bands have gone from a little-considered afterthought from the gym to one of the most commonly used implements at the home and outside workouts which dominated fitness trends throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Ultimately, rings got their due over the past year and a half, also became invaluable as much because of their utility as because of their wide availability as supply chains created weights tougher to find. Now, you should consider strategies to maintain them in your patterns forever since you ease back in to more typical training protocols.

The stretchy rubberized tools are more useful than simply filling in for other, heavier equipment like dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells, after all. Sure, bands occupy less space in your house and are no sweat to toss in a bag to get on-the-go exercise, and even the hardiest band is guaranteed to be much more affordable than the cheapest set of flexible weights. However, a resistance group’s utility goes beyond just ease and cost-effectiveness.

For one, bands are amazingly versatile. Using just your bodyweight and a band, you can load up vital moves like squats and pushups. Need immunity? Stand in your band to curl, press, or bend it, or twist it into an anchor point (just make sure it’s secure and sturdy to avoid any accidents ) and you can perform all manner of extensions, pulls, and more. Resistance bands provide you with the ability to hit pretty much every muscle group in your entire body –if you’re prepared to work hard and get a little creative with your surroundings.

The choices are endless. Here is your immunity band primer.

Why Resistance Bands Work

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Even if you have weights and kettlebells in your home, or even if you’re good doing fundamental bodyweight moves, using a resistance group around can bring serious value to your own workouts.

Why? Two words: Accommodating resistance. Essentially, the further you pull on a resistance band, the more it really literally”resists” you. That’s another brand of resistance than say a dumbbell.

Take a biceps curl. Curl the barbell upward, and there comes a point where the curl really gets”easy” for your biceps, near the surface of the movement. The duration of the lever which challenges your biceps decreases as you complete the exercise, meaning gravity can no longer create challenge with the dumbbell (along with your muscle no longer needs to create as much force to fight that challenge).

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Do exactly the same curl with a resistance band and as you close the top, it does not get easier; rather, you need to work to make the squeeze on peak of the curl. The stretched ring is fighting you more, forcing you to accelerate through the entire assortment of movement and hard that your muscle fibers in a different manner. You are going to need to squeeze your muscles extra-hard to combat banded immunity, a habit which will enhance your barbell coaching, too.

Does that create bands better than dumbbells? No. However, both tools can have a place on your practice, and at the grand workout scheme, both tools can complement each other. One instrument (hint: not the dumbbell), however, is so tiny that you can easily fit it in your back pack for any and every road trip.

The Best Ways to Use Bands

That all makes resistance rings a quality alternative for any work out. But in the exact same way you might mix barbells, dumbbells, and cables at the fitness center, you want to mix up your training with resistance bands also. Try these approaches with bands (and understand that there are many more too).

Full Workout: Yes, you can use resistance bands for a complete full-body workout; they’ll challenge and push your body. Based upon the size of your resistance band, you might not have the ability to go exceptionally heavy on some of the motions where you’ll want more challenge, like deadlifts and squats, so if you are performing a bands-only full-body session, even look at doing this as a circuit. Aim for a single pull movement (a row or pulldown or float ), 1 push movement (a pushup, overhead press, or triceps pressdown-style movement ) and a single leg move (squat, deadlift, or lunge) in each full-body session.

Finishers: If you’ve access to weights and barbells, or if you’re complex enough along with your bodyweight to create unilateral challenges (think: pistol squats and post pushups), consider using bands near the end of your workout. They are a great way to promote an energetic and aggressive chest squeeze onto a pushup.

Dropsets: One fantastic way to use bands in your home would be to utilize them in dropsets. A dropset has you starting with a heavier weight (or a more challenging version of a movement ), then”dropping” to a lighter weight or even more basic form of an exercise. Because you’re fatigued in the first work you put into on the tougher movement, the easier movement feels, well, harder. Try it with squats. Do 10 resistance band lunges, holding the band below your feet and with your palms at your shoulders. Immediately release the ring and also do 10 normal squats. Do 3 sets. Enjoy the burn.

The Resistance Band Moves

Mix-and-match these motions to create resistance group workouts you can perform anytime, anywhere. And if in doubt, remember to think logically (one pull move, 1 push move, one leg movement ).

19 Starter Moves

Start with these 19 moves from David Jack, creator of MH’s Muscle After 40 program. They’ll hit your entire body in all directions. The listing is highlighted by a plethora of critical back moves: The split-stance row, the reverse fly, the single-arm reverse fly, and the classic bent-over row.

Pallof Press

You’ll rock your abs in this classic abdominal workout, which takes advantage of banded resistance to challenge your heart against all rotation.

12 Anytime-Anywhere Band Moves

Trainer Sean Garner, creator of the 6-Week Sweat Off, hits on lots of the ideas Jack does, and adds 12 new motions for you here, such as a banded monster walk that will accelerate your glutes, along with a banded jump squat that’ll teach you to create lower-body explosion.

Triceps Pressdown Countdown Series

This move from fitness manager

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