Google's Grand

How Google’s Grand Plan to Make Stadia Games Fell Apart

The tech giant hired 150 game developers for Stadia Games and Entertainment, only to lay them all off. Sources say it never gave the studios a chance.

Approval nears

A Shot Nears Approval, Experts Study Transmission, and More

Catch up on the most important updates from this week.

Clubhouse's security

Clubhouse’s Security and Privacy Lag Behind Its Huge Growth

The platform has promised to do better after a string of incidents. But the hardest part might be managing user expectations.

Blood combines

Blood of Zeus Combines Myth With Saturday Morning Cartoons

The new Netflix animated series puts a new spin on old tales.

'Home Spider-Man

OK, The ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Reveal Was a Good Troll

After several fake-outs, the cast of the movie finally (finally!) revealed the next installment’s title on Wednesday.

Beasley Wolves

Wolves’ Beasley has 12 games after guilty plea

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Malik Beasley, who pleaded guilty to a felony charge of threats of violence as a result of an incident last September, has been suspended 12 games by the NBA.

Changes pandemic

Pandemic changes NBA draft principles for seniors

Due to the pandemic, the NBA is requiring college seniors to opt in if they want to be in the draft this year.

Brave's extend

Braves extend Snitker after three NL East names

Manager Brian Snitker, who has guided the Braves to three consecutive NL East titles, has received a contract extension through the 2023 season with a club option for ’24.

happy Kyrie

Kyrie pleased to induce discussion for Kobe as logo

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving reaffirmed his stance that Kobe Bryant’s silhouette should be the NBA’s new logo, saying he’s OK with being a leader of that conversation.

ex-USA gymnastics

Ex-USA Gymnastics coach kills self after fees

John Geddert killed himself Thursday, hours after he was charged with two dozen crimes stemming from allegations that he physically, emotionally and sexually abused gymnasts under his care.